The QuEST Episode 2: The QuEST for Spicules


The surface of the Sun is covered in features that look like needles or hairs, called «spicules». They were discovered in the 19th century, by Angelo Secchi. But there are still some mysteries around them… For example: why the temperatures in the external layers of the Sun are much hotter than on the solar surface?

Walk with father Secchi to «The QuEST for Spicules», the second episode of our cartoons video series «The QuEST»!

«The QuEST» is a cartoon series that explains in a fun and entertaining way some of the phenomena that take place on the Sun, such as spots, spicules or solar flares. They are short-lived episodes, which have as protagonists the astronomers who throughout the centuries discovered these aspects of our star: Galileo Galilei, George E. Hale, Angelo Secchi, John Evershed and Richard Carrington.

Work carried out for the IAA-CSIC with the collaboration of Eva Li:
El Sol no sería el mismo sin el padre Angelo Secchi.

“The QuEST” es una serie de dibujos animados que explica de forma amena y divertida algunos de los fenómenos que tienen lugar en el Sol, como las manchas, las espículas o las fulguraciones solares. Son episodios de corta duración, que tienen como protagonistas a los astrónomos que a lo largo de los siglos descubrieron estos aspectos de nuestra estrella: Galileo Galilei, George E. Hale, Angelo Secchi, John Evershed y Richard Carrington.

Trabajo realizado para el IAA-CSIC con la colaboración de Eva Li:

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